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Goals and strategies

The aim of this project is to provide an easy-to-use, fast and reusable Python module to manage monomials, polynomials and algebraic fraction. It's written in 100% pure Python, but in the future it potentially be written in C/C++ or Pyrex for speed reasons.

Actually there's only a similar module, Numpy, but it doesn't provide direct support for multiple unknowns, for algebraic fraction and uses definitively another implementation. Finally, pypol is the first in his genre!


pypol is released (and will be) under the MIT license, that allows you to include this module in software open source as commercial. For us it's enough to mention this project in you credits.

Project status


Actually pypol supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and power for monomial and polynomial, but AlgebraicFraction class is still under massive development and some algorithms are very slow and stupid. There are also complete and rigorous tests that cover all the functionality of the module.


To improve module's performance it probably will use ctypes, or migrate to Pyrex. In the near future the most important goal are to complete the AlgebraicFraction class, improve unit tests and write more exhaustive docs.


OSI Certified Python powered

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